Xbox June Event Reportedly Pushed to August so Sony can “Go First” with PS5 Event

Xbox Series S

Pending any further delays, Sony’s big PlayStation 5 reveal event will finally happen this week, but according to a new rumor, Microsoft will not be showing anything new this week as was previously believed. Last month, Microsoft announced Xbox 20/20, a series of monthly updates on Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, upcoming first-party titles, and more. Microsoft promised the July event would provide a first look at first-party next-gen games, but there was also an even planned for early June, which VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who’s been the source of a lot of inside info about this year’s game reveals, dubbed “Xboxing Day.”

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Well, Grubb has provided an update, and apparently the June Xboxing Day event has been delayed all the way until August.

According to Grubb, some sort of June Xbox event could still happen, but Microsoft wants Sony to “go first” with this week’s PS5 event.

Soooo, what might this delayed Xbox event entail? Well, the fact that the July event will focus on software, and that Microsoft wants to wait to see what Sony does with their PS5 event suggests to me that the June event was going to focus on hardware. Maybe it was where we were going to get pricing/pre-order details? Of course, all this is just rumor and speculation for now – we’ll see how this all unfolds.

What do you think Microsoft was planning to show in June? Will we really have to wait until August for whatever they were planning to reveal?

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