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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Says Most People Don’t Care About 60FPS


Following Microsoft’s Xbox One X reveal at E3 2017, GameCentral sat down with Xbox head Phil Spencer to talk about the new Xbox, its power, and the everlasting framerate discussion.

Packing 12GB of fast GDDR5 memory, six teraflops of computing power, the Xbox One X is said to be the most powerful console ever created. According to Ark: Survival Evolved co-creative director Jesse Rapczak, the console can be compared to a PC with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 16GB of RAM.

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The Xbox One X is the most capable home console of running games in 60 frames per second, and in the interview with GameCentral, Phil Spencer touched the subject of framerate.

GC: What also frustrates me is that the only number I do care about is the only that you and Sony don’t obsess over. Which is 60fps, which I understand is easier to do on the Xbox One X than any other console.

PS: That’s correct. But… [laughs] Why do you care about 60fps?

GC: It’s the only number that affects gameplay and yet it’s the only one you two never go on about! No-one can tell the difference between 4K and 1080p and all that nonsense…

PS: You just broke your whole argument now!

GC: How?

PS: You just said these games could run on a Commodore 64, they would not run at 60 frames per second on a Commodore 64.

GC: Uridium did.

PS: [laughs] I’m not disagreeing with you. But it’s a subjective opinion that that’s the only one that matters.

All: [laughs]

GC: It’s the only one that affects gameplay.

PS: …visuals do affect gameplay.

GC: Not the resolution though. Not in any manner close to the difference a good frame rate makes.

PS: Don’t get me wrong. I love frame rate. I love Ori, it’s one of the reasons I love playing Forza Motorsport. But you have to go back to what you said before: most people. What frame rate does Minecraft run at?

GC: I know, but if the frame rate is below what it needs to be – and it does vary for different games – they do notice. They might not identify the problem, but they know something’s wrong.

PS: Some people do. Some people just want to have fun playing Lego Batman.

What are your thoughts on this? Hit the comments below. The Xbox One X is slated for a release on November 7th for $499 USD.