Xbox Head Says Microsoft Aims to Build a High Quality and Diverse First Party Lineup


Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has taken to Twitter to comment on a recent Tweet from IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey regarding Microsoft’s first party lineup.

Following the insanely positive reviews of Sony’s God of War last week, McCaffrey tweeted that Xbox players are eagerly waiting for a similar “masterpiece-level exclusive” on their console, but that it will take time before Microsoft will be able to deliver first-party titles like Sony is doing at the moment.

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“Xbox fans are DYING to celebrate a masterpiece-level exclusive like God of War”, the IGN editor wrote. “Thing is, though, it took Sony 10 years to get to this point where their 1st party is firing on all cylinders. This work started in PS3 era. Xbox can/might get there but it's going to take a long time.”

Phil Spencer acknowledged this, but also shared that he has confidence that Microsoft will be able to deliver in the long run.

“Our hardware took time, our service/platform/BC took time and continuing to grow our 1P will take time”, the head of Xbox commented. “A high quality and diverse 1P (yes, with SP) built the right way is our goal and what our customers deserve.  We can have similar results to what we've seen in hw and platform.”

Last year, Spencer already promised increased investments in the content produced internally by Microsoft Game Studios.

"Right now the focus is really on the content that we’re building", he said. "I know I get some community pushback on our first-party [slate], and what position we’re in, and I want to say to people: that same level of commitment you felt from myself and from the team as we’ve evolved platform over the last three years – as we’ve evolved service over the last three years, as we’ve evolved and innovated hardware over the last three years – is going on with our first party. I don’t want to go and pre-announce a bunch of things, but we are upping our investment, there’s no doubt about that."

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s first-party lineup for the future? Will Microsoft be able to compete with Sony on this level? Hit the comments below.