Xbox’s Greenberg: Quantum Break Could Be A “Mega Hit”; Pre-Orders “Really Strong”


Remedy’s Quantum Break could well be a “mega hit” according to Microsoft’s head of Xbox Games marketing. If Greenberg is to believed, pre-orders for the game are "really strong".

Quantum Break

Head of Xbox Games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, sat down with the TXR crew for a podcast about Quantum Break, and the upcoming E3 event.

With Microsoft betting big on Remedy’s Quantum Break, some might have expected some aggressive marketing for the Microsoft exclusive. Instead, Microsoft has taken a more subtle, “old school approach” which includes sending representatives to all major countries to promote the title. And if Greenberg is to be believed, this approach might very well pay off.

Quantum Break preorders "really strong" and "well ahead of plan"

"It's been great. Preorders are really strong; they're performing well ahead of plan," Greenberg told TXR. "Retailers are continuing to increase their orders for the game, which we track and watch.

Today will be an important day for Microsoft’s new IP, as the review embargo the title has been lifted (this is no joke). No matter how these reviews turn out, Greenberg believes it’s a “great game”, and he firmly thinks Quantum Break could be a huge success.

"Tomorrow [April 1st], the reviews hit, so we'll see how they come in," Greenberg continued "We've been playing the game; we know it's a great game. Fingers crossed, but I think we're sitting on a mega hit."

The full podcast with Greenberg can be watched down below:


As posted earlier, all reviews will be based exclusively on the Xbox One version of the game. Early-access codes to the PC version of the game haven’t been made available, and chances are high that Remedy is still working around the clock to finalize the PC port of Quantum Break.

Quantum Break was first scheduled for a release in 2014, but has been delayed multiple times. The game will now finally be available for Xbox One and PC within 4 days.