Quantum Break Pre-Launch Reviews Will Be Based Exclusively on XB1 Version

Quantum Break will launch next week, specifically on April 5, for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. As reported by OpenCritic, reviews will start appearing in less than twelve hours from now, but don't count on any of them being based on the Windows 10 PC version.

In fact, we have been able to confirm through PR that all pre-launch reviews will be based on the Xbox One version of Quantum Break, since there are no Early Access codes available for Windows 10.

This obviously means that Remedy is working until the last available minute on this port. After all, the game was only announced for PC less than two months ago; moreover, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg claimed that the late announcement was due to the uncertainty of being able to bring Quantum Break on both platforms at the same time.

Hopefully, the end result will be better than the disastrous Gears of War Ultimate launch. Remedy's game is certainly the brightest star in Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform lineup; we already know that the coveted VSYNC fix won't be available until May, which means that both GSYNC and FreeSync will not work until then.

Let's hope to find support for SLI and CrossFire support, alongside an overall nice optimization work. We'll make sure to report on this matter as soon as we're able to test Quantum Break on Windows 10 PC, so stay tuned.

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