Old School with 3D Realms – WRATH: Aeon of Ruin Enters Early Access

Let's be honest, some of the best shooters in history were made using the Quake engine. That could be nostalgia speaking and it's fine having all the high-def ultra-realistic nonsense you see now, it just doesn't help when the game is boring. Sometimes I don't want realism, I want ultra-fast murderous combat where you just blast the ever-loving-hell out of anything in your way. That's why DOOM was so well received. WRATH: Aeon of Ruin looks to bring you back to the glory days, literally, and it has been released into early access today.

Earlier this year myself and Dave were able to check out WRATH: Aeon of Ruin at Gamescom and while we didn't write anything about it due to time constraints, a billion other titles to cover, etc, it's one that both of us really liked. Made using a modified, dolled up Quake engine, this is as fast-paced and chaotic as any of the older shooters. Even better, the fact that it's somewhat more modern means it's also able to do more.

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Developed by KillPixel and co-published by 1C Entertainment and 3D Realms, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin looks to bring you back to the real old school sensibility where you have a lot of ground to cover and with oodles of secrets to find. 3D Realms Vice President Frederik Schreiber, also Producer on WRATH, had this to say:

At 3D Realms we want to evoke nostalgia from the golden era of gaming using classic FPS engines, but with a modern twist. With the incredible Quake engine as our vessel and developer Jeremiah ‘KillPixel’ Fox at the helm, shooter fans are in for a twisted ride.


What I know is that while the game does feature some corridor-based action, but it's a lot more open that games of that time, being based around hubs rather than just one long labyrinthine set of corridors. I remember getting lost when I was playing the game for around half an hour at Gamescom, I shudder to think about what I'll be like with even more time.

The early launch access of the game, available now for £20/€21/$25, features one of the three eventual hub worlds with two unlocked levels, five weapons, eight enemies and four artifacts to collect. Throughout early access, the game will gain an extra three levels, four enemies, one weapon and one artifact. This will culminate with the full version hoping to launch on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next year. The roadmap can be seen on the Steam page.

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