Blizzard Raises WoW Classic Beta Level Cap to 40 and Unlocks AB For Limited Testing; Respec Cost Reduced by 99%

World of Warcraft Classic Honor

Blizzard has raised the level cap in the closed WoW Classic Beta from level 30 to 40 and has unlocked Arathi Basin for limited testing.

According to Blizzard, raising the level cap allows players to level up in different zones, including Stranglethorn Vale, the Arathi Highlands, and Desolace.

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PvP fans will be happy to learn that the Arathi Basin battleground will be open for limited testing starting tomorrow. The test won’t include any templates and players will need to have reached level 20 in order to enter the battleground. In other battleground-related news – Warsong Gulch has been closed.

For testing purposes, Blizzard has also reduced the cost to respec closed beta characters by 99%. Respeccing in the close beta will now be charged in silver instead of gold.

Beta testing kicked off last month. WoW Classic is slated for a release on August 27. Those eager to claim a character name in WoW Classic are able to claim their character names as of August 13.

We’ll be opening character creation on Tuesday, August 13. Players with an active subscription or game time on their account will be able to create up to three characters per World of Warcraft account.

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