64-Bit Bay Trail Android Tablets Incoming


Quad core Android based tablets are confirmed for spring. These will be powered by 64 bit bay trail SOC's from Intel. According to Intel's CEO, 64 bit bay trail powered tablets will be available in the second quarter of 2014. Before, Intel was more involved with windows based tablets, it seems the Android eco-system has caught Intel's eye.

Intel To Make 64 Bit SOC's For Android Tablets

ARM has had the upper hand in the Android dominated smartphone market and in the small but growing tablet market. "[Device makers] who build with our products now can already go out and start to utilize 64-bit. We are out there working with the OSs, all of the OSs and the OEMs to go enable that. By venturing into Android tablets, Intel hopes to get involved more and more with the ever growing platform. 64 bit computing has not yet shown it's true colours in the Android system, with no phone or tablet carrying 4 GB+ memory.

Performance of the Bay-trial is estimated to be near the Tegra 4. The Tegra 4 itself is no slouch, with 4 x Cortex A-15's and a custom GPU from Nvidia, it fares pretty well in benchmarks. Both the Bay-Trail and the Tegra 4 score near 3000 on the Geekbench. With a scalable GPU in the bay-trail SOC, Intel could really bump it up laptop level performance albeit with power issues.

Intel clearly has the lead in the Windows based PC market, whether or not it will make a dent in the Android ecosystem, we will soon find out.