LG G Flex Exports Begin – Cleared By FCC

Nov 18, 2013

The LG G Flex is the talk of the town these days. According to reports LG has started to export the curved display phone to the US. A few days back, the G Flex was present with the FCC, it has now been cleared for use. It will reportedly be released to AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint. It carries LTE bands which can be used on the AT&T and T-mobile network.

LG G Flex To Release In Q1 2014

The curved phone has been launched in Korea, according to the facts provided the phone can bear up to 40 kilos of pressure when lying face down. Not only is the display curved but the battery is also of a special type which is flexible.

LG G Flex

LG G Flex

The display is gorgeous and the curved design helps cancel some of the glare and improves viewing angles. The display can reportedly ‘Heal’ itself from a certain amount of scratches also. However the resolution is a lowly 720p. This is low when comparing with other flagship phones, even from LG. The curved display makes up for the low resolution and the technology will get better with time.


The Snapdragon 800 is ticking inside the G Flex, clocked at the usual 2.3 GHz it is supplemented by 2GB of Ram and 32 Gigz of storage. An unusual thing to notice here is the 13 MP camera without Auto focus. Even though the battery seems to be curved, LG has maintained it’s capacity at a high 3500 mAh, the G Flex will not be facing any battery issues for sure.

The G Flex runs the Android 4.2.2, this seems odd since the Android 4.4 has arrived and it will only be logical to use it. The G Flex remains an ‘interesting’ device and the benefit of the curved display is yet to be seen, however with the hype involved it seems it will sell well if priced accordingly.