World War Z Free to Keep on Epic Games Stores For a Week, PC/Xbox Crossplay Now Available

World War Z

Have you been holding out on the surprisingly-fun World War Z? Well, now’s your chance to jump in, because Saber Interactive’s co-op zombie blaster is free on the Epic Games Store for the next week. And yes, once you grab the game, you're free to keep it forever. The game is also 75 percent off for Xbox Live Gold subscribers at the moment.

And that’s not all! Saber also recently released the World War Z Crossplay Update, which allows PC and Xbox One players to team up for the first time (PS4 crossplay will be added at a later date). The update also includes the following content and new features:

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  • New Mission Objective: In every mission, a Virus Sample canister will spawn in various locations, which the player must loot and bring to the end of the mission. They can also be looted from a Bomber if it's taken down correctly. The longer you hold on to the Virus Sample, the more negative effects it will apply to you, so make sure to hurry!
  • Horde Mode Z: The mode has received a host of balancing tweaks based on community feedback. More XP and currency rewards, fewer special zombies in normal mode, and a long list of further changes visible below. Jump into Horde Mode Z, Missions, or Multiplayer and enjoy the five new weapon variants with their unique perks as well, such as the thumper grenade launcher's incendiary explosives, or the fully automatic machine pistol!
  • The War Heroes DLC skin pack can now be purchased on all platforms!

You can check out the full patch notes for the World War Z Crossplay Update, right here.

World War Z is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game is free via the Epic Games Store until April 2. Anybody out there with extra time on their hands planning to take the plunge?

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