World of Tanks Gets a Special Sturmtiger Mode for Its 10th Anniversary

Sturmtiger World of Tanks

World of Tanks is nearing its 10th anniversary, due in August this year, and Wargaming is already celebrating.

A new special and limited time PvP mode will be added from June 17th to June 24th to World of Tanks, featuring the Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger tank. First discussed for addition to the game a few years ago, it was eventually discarded for balancing reasons. However, Wargaming has decided to add it now in this 'Crouching Tiger' mode geared towards raw fun.

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At the start of Act III, you’ll find the iconic Sturmtiger, a Tier X vehicle, in your Garage. Select it and click the "Battle" button to enter the special Crouching Tiger mode. You can choose to play solo or in a platoon with friends.

Battles take place in a separate game mode between two teams of 10 players on the following maps:

  • Ensk
  • Mines
  • Widepark
  • Tundra
  • Airfield

To win, either capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles during the battle.

  • All players roll out in Sturmtigers, so get ready for extremely intense battles! This may remind veterans of 2014-2015 when the matchmaker sometimes assembled battles with 15 SPGs fighting on each side.
  • During the event, the matchmaker will create a separate queue for players fighting in this mode.
  • The total battle time is 5 minutes.
  • Each team’s vehicles will have different camo colors, so you won't confuse your allies with your foes.
  • Platoons of up to 3 players are allowed. The matchmaker will not permit a platoon imbalance. If one team contains a platoon, so will the other.
  • Random Battle achievements can't be earned.

It's impossible to mount additional equipment on the Sturmtiger. It also doesn't have a crew, and you can't use consumables and directives. In this event, we’ll activate "zero economy" mode, so no credits are spent or earned in battles. You don't earn XP, vehicles don't receive damage to their modules (or crew members, of course), and post-battle repairs are free.

Personal, Daily, and Anniversary Missions for the Active Phase can't be completed in this mode. Instead, special missions rewarding you one Anniversary Coin for each Sturmtiger destroyed will be available.

Plus, completing these missions will fill your vault with cool rewards:

  • Unique decals
  • Cool inscriptions
  • An exclusive medal
  • A special emblem

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