Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s Next Update Adds Checkpoints, Tones Down Bullet-Sponge Enemies


Wolfenstein: Youngblood launched with a lot of issues. Youngblood’s basic gunplay is still rock solid, but, as I called out in my 6 out of 10 review, the game is brought down by an atrocious checkpoint system, bullet-sponge enemies, weird difficulty spikes, and a host of other problems. Well, thankfully, it seems Wolfenstein developers MachineGames have heard the complaints and are working hard to make things right. They’ve already added the ability to pause the game while offline and have laid out what to expect from the game’s next big update, which basically reads like a laundry list of improvements I’d recommend. Check out what to expect from Wolfenstein: Youngblood version 1.05, below.

In our 1.0.5 update, we are working to address a host of game difficulty and progression issues based on your feedback. They includes:

  • Additional checkpoints
  • Difficulty adjustments across the board, especially in boss fights
  • Addressing the feeling some players have expressed that some Youngblood enemies feel like “bullet sponges”
  • Adding additional ammo throughout the game
  • An option to toggle enemy health bars on/off
  • Making it easier to get 100% game completion
  • Fixing an issue that could cause an area to respawn enemies prematurely
  • Increasing the speed of switching between weapons, to make it easier to adapt to enemy armor types

So yeah, if MachineGames can actually deliver on all these promised improvements, they could really have a whole new game on their hands. The bloody heart of good Wolfenstein game still beats within Youngblood, so here’s hoping it can be set free. You can get more details about Wolfenstein: Youngblood update 1.04, which dropped last week, right here. Update 1.05 is expected to arrive on PC later this week and consoles a few days afterward.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.