Witcher 3-Inspired Skyrim Fan Expansion ‘Land of Vominheim’ Brings Solstheim-sized New Land to The Elder Scrolls V


A new Witcher 3-inspired Skyrim fan expansion has been released which brings the Land of Vominheim to The Elder Scrolls V.

The fan expansion is available for both the original PC version of Skyrim and its most recent Special Edition. Created by modder ‘Venjhammet’, the ‘Vominheim’ expansion packs a new land roughly the size of Solstheim and comes with numerous new locations to discover and explore.

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“Vominheim is a large archipelagic and cold land consist of Five (5) islands namely the Mainland itself, Fallvern island, Frostfang island, Northwind Bane and Banefrost island”, the modder writes. “I made this land inspired by the Skellige of Witcher 3.”

Vominheim can be accessed by taking the ship near the Northfolk docks north of Dawnstar. The expansion doesn’t come with an actual questline, but according to its creator, the Land of Vominheim does contain written quest notes, treasure hunts and journals with some background stories.

Land of Vominheim Witcher 3-Inspired Skyrim expansion Main Features:

Whiteshore Village – a small village found on the west side of the island. It is here that you will first arrive on the island via boat from Skyrim. It has tavern, mine, blacksmith, apothecary and spell stores. Guards, jail and barracks are also available to keep the peace should you misbehave at the village.

In addition the island offers the following content:

  • Dozens of locations to explore such as dungeons, cave, mines and camps.
  • Powerful enemies,unique enchantments of armor and weapons and unique spells.
  • Written quest and treasure hunts to keep you busy.
  • Two (2) powerful followers can be found to accompany you on your adventures. A spellsword necromancer Khajit on Whiteshore Village and a Nord Barbarian west of Fallvern Island on a small knoll called Sea Breeze Cabin.
  • An additional player house is also added but with a small written quest in order to acquire the house

As said, the expansion is available via Nexusmods for both Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition.

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