The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Expansion More Than Triple The ‘Size’ Of Hearts Of Stone


The upcoming The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine expansion is more than triple the size of Hearts of Stone, if both the Xbox and Playstation Stores are to be believed.

Earlier this week developer CD Projekt Red released a teaser trailer alongside new screenshots for the second (and last) Witcher 3 expansion. The Blood and Wine expansion will feature over 90 new quests in a 30+ hour adventure. Additionally, the expansion will include more than 40 new points of interest, a dynamic points of interest system, a new mutation system, new armor sets, and a new user interface. If you’re interested in the redesigned interface, check out these screenshots.

The Blood and Wine main story will be somewhat longer than the story of the previous expansion, Hearts of Stone. On top of that, the Blood and Wine DLC is said to add tons of side content.

“There’s lots and lots of quests. That’s something that — on Hearts of Stone it was mostly the core story of the expansion. With this one we’ve got that core story, and it’s actually a little bit longer than the Hearts of Stone core story, but then we also have tremendous amounts of side content”, quest designer Patrick Mills told VG247 recently.

Blood and Wine expansion at least 13GB in size

The extra length and the amount of quests seems to be reflected in the expansion’s file size as both the Xbox and Playstation Stores have listed the file size for the upcoming Witcher 3 expansion. While the Hearts of Stone expansion weighed in at roughly 4GB on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the Blood and Wine expansion will require at least 13GB of free space on Playstation 4. The file size on Xbox One seems to be even larger – 15.03GB to be exact.

For reference, Lords of the Fallen on Xbox One weighed in at nearly 6GB, while this is a full game instead of merely an expansion. This also applies to the Tomb Raider reboot from 2014, which required less than 15GB of free space.

The Blood and Wine expansion releases on May 30th so you still have 3 more weeks to free up some much needed disk space.