Wipeout Omega Collection Gets PSVR Free Update Today


Wipeout Omega Collection, the PlayStation 4 exclusive futuristic racing game, receives a new update today which adds support for PlayStation VR.

The new update, available for free for all owners of the game, not only introduces PlayStation VR support but also three exclusive VR ships, Fury, and 2048 classes.

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With a free update available today, your copy of Wipeout Omega Collection will be playable in PS VR. Simply update your game, switch on your headset and your main menu will transform into a 3D world with ships zooming right past you.

You can select any game mode, be it Racebox or Campaign, and play the full game in virtual reality from start to finish.

We’ve added three new VR exclusive ships in HD, Fury and 2048 classes for those with PS VR headsets. Look in amazement as you are placed into a cockpit and can zip around your favourite tracks from a brand new perspective.

The update also introduces support for full 3D audio, making playing the Wipeout Omega Collection with the PlayStation VR the most immersive experience.

Wipeout Omega Collection is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.