Microsoft Finally Fixes Windows 10 “Reset This PC” Breaking Bug

Rafia Shaikh
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Several versions of Windows 10 received cumulative updates earlier this week on this year's first Patch Tuesday. While the focus was mostly on the security bugs being addressed, Microsoft has also fixed the "Reset this PC" feature that failed to work for many users after a buggy update broke it earlier in 2020.

Using the “Reset this PC” feature, also called “Push Button Reset” or PBR, might fail. You might restart into recovery with “Choose an option” at the top of the screen with various options or you might restart to your desktop and receive the error “There was a problem resetting your PC”.

The issue impacted Windows 10 version 1607 through to version 1909:

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Client: Windows 10, version 1909; Windows 10, version 1903; Windows 10, version 1809; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019; Windows 10, version 1803; Windows 10, version 1709; Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2016; Windows 10, version 1607

Server: Windows Server, version 1909; Windows Server, version 1903; Windows Server, version 1809; Windows Server 2019; Windows Server, version 1803; Windows Server, version 1709 ; Windows Server 2016

The problem has been resolved through this week's Windows 10 update (KB4598479 SSU) after almost a year. The bug was introduced last year through another update (KB4524244), which was released as part of the February 2020 Patch Tuesday updates. Microsoft had to then pull the update causing this problem.

"The standalone security update, KB4524244 has been removed and will not be re-offered from Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Update Catalog," the company had said. "This does not affect any other update, including Latest Cumulative Update (LCU), Monthly Rollup or Security Only update."

KB4598479 for versions 1909 and 1903 is available through Windows Update, Microsoft Update Catalog, and Windows Server Update Services. Windows 10 version 1809 has also received KB4598480 SSU to address the issue.

Windows 10's Reset this PC feature allows users to easily reinstall the OS using a local recovery image or through Microsoft's servers. Last year, the company had advised to uninstall the problematic update through the Settings app (steps shared in this guide).

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