Windows 10 Technical Preview Update is Coming Soon


It’s taking a lot longer than the Windows Insider program members expected, but it seems that the wait is finally over. Microsoft is on the brink of releasing an update for the Windows 10 preview build. And this time they seem serious about covering the lost time. The preview build has been available for both desktop and phones but up until now the company’s timing and frequency of updates has been rather disappointing.


Finally an update for the preview build will be here soon

Microsoft has already mentioned that due to one persistent bug, that has been blocking the update for the Windows 10 preview build, there have been delays. But the company has not mentioned anything about an update for phones, which may come with support for more devices (Finally!).

Microsoft engineering General Manager Gabriel Aul Posted this on twitter:


This did disappoint a lot of people but let's hope that Microsoft can better their performance in the upcoming months. The main reason people are so impatient for the new update is that it will bring into Windows 10 the Spartan browser which will act as a replacement for the obsolete IE. The company has announced plans to speed up the build in the Fast ring and a message has been posted to the Insider Hub (which is only available to Windows 10 users) which shows detailed plans of making the Hub faster:


We've heard your feedback asking for more frequent builds--and as Gabe mentioned in his recent blog post, we've probably been too conservative about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders. So we're preparing to speed up the build releases for those who want to live life in the Fast lane. The good news is that Insiders who choose Fast will be getting fresher code, with all of the features and fixes, more often. The potential downside is that as we go faster, the builds will likely include more bugs with fewer workarounds. If this doesn't sound like something you want to deal with, now is your time to switch to Slow.

Today's updates are a follow-up from Aul's blog post earlier this week, which confirmed that a new build is in the final stages of testing:

I have a build in hand that we produced on Friday. It was validated by our test automation, and will go out through our internal rings and get installed and used by thousands of people at Microsoft. It is the freshest code with all newest features and fixes. If it passes all of our evaluation criteria it could be in your hands late this week or early next week.

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