Changelog and FAQs Published for Windows 10 Mobile 10586.164, Released to Insiders


We reported last week that Microsoft was internally testing Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164. The build is finally available to those on the Insider program, however, like the previous build this update too is only available to those on the Slow or the Release rings.

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Windows 10 Mobile 10586.164 out for Production, Slow and Release rings:

Following the release of build 10586.122 last week, Microsoft is now releasing a new preview build to those on the Slow and Production rings of the Windows Insider program. A cumulative update, you can install this build on your Windows 10 Mobile device that's not running the Redstone build (14xxx). As previously explained, if you are on the Fast ring running a non-Redstone build, you can switch your device back to Slow or Release Preview ring to install these cumulative updates. Microsoft has also pushed out the same release to Windows 10 PC.

Expect nothing new as the cumulative updates focus on fixing the bugs and improving overall performance. Microsoft hasn't published a full changelog yet (updated), however, we have some information (via WindowsCentral) about what's inside this latest cumulative update.

  • Faster saving of screenshots
  • Smoother video playback
  • Opening of PDF files in Edge improvements

To get the update go to Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. On its Answers page, following FAQs are published by the company:

Q:  Who is receiving this build?
A:  This release is being sent to Retail open market devices as well as our Insiders in the WIP Slow and Release Preview rings.

Q:  I'm in the WIP Fast ring.  How do I obtain this .164 release?
A:  Change rings in the Windows Insider app to either WIP Slow or Release Preview, take the update, and then change back to the WIP Fast ring.

Q:  My device already has a Redstone build on it (14xxx).  Does this build apply to me?
A:  No.  This is a cumulative update for devices on the Threshold 10586 build.

Q:  Why is it necessary for WIP Fast users to switch rings?
A:  It's a publishing limitation.  Changing rings will not be a permanent process, but it is required for this particular release.

Q:  Why didn't Insiders get to test this release before releasing it to Retail users?
A:  Insiders did get to test it!  The previously released 10586.122 build is nearly identical to this new .164 build.  There are no major feature changes between the two builds.  Changes were focused on a few key bug fixes and other required updates to ensure this build was ready to release to Win10 Retail devices.

[Update]: Complete changelog

  • Improvements for the reliability of app notifications, including text messages and alarms not ringing as scheduled.
  • Improvements for text message backup to reduce data and battery usage.
  • Fixes for Microsoft Edge with address bar suggestions showing late or persisting during navigation, "Close all tabs" not closing all tabs, and Word Flow on the address bar not functioning as expected.
  • Fix for a problem where the Microsoft account was not detected by the Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar and People app. Attempting to add a new contact in this state caused the People app to crash for some users.
  • Fix for a problem that caused the Wi-Fi connection to temporarily switch off after prolonged use for some users.
  • Fix for a problem that caused first-party app updates to fail to install successfully for some users, leaving the apps in state where they cannot be launched.
  • Improvements for battery usage, Bluetooth connectivity, and OS reliability.