Windows 10 Enterprise to See “Unprecedented” Adoption This Year


Windows 10 was the biggest news and achievement for Microsoft in 2015. Managing to cross over 200 million installations in less than a year, the new operating system was a huge success story for the company. However, free upgrades is not where the company earns major amounts of money from. While it may be getting tons of user data, Windows 10 Enterprise is where Microsoft's focus lies. As reported by several analysts, Windows 10 might have been a success, but it didn't affect PC sales positively for Microsoft. Enterprise, however, has a love for the company. The Redmond-based company might have annoyed home users with an aggressive strategy to further adoption, it tried something different and way less annoying for its business consumers.

windows 10 enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise records keen adoption:

According to a new survey, Windows 10 has seen an "unprecedented adoption of the new operating system" in IT departments. Adaptiva's survey of IT professionals from large organizations shows "higher than anticipated momentum" for the adoption of Windows 10:

"The survey results underscore the surge in Windows 10 interest we are seeing from enterprises as well as the concerns they have about keeping pace with the frequent updates,” “The new Microsoft ConfigMgr and Windows 10 releases are ushering in a need for a more automated, intelligent approach to systems management that reduces the time and complexity necessary to keep software and systems secure and up to date."

The survey had a fairly small study sample of only 100 IT professionals, but finds some interesting facts of IT professionals being interested in adopting Windows 10. The survey found that 63% respondents expected to run Windows 10 on a significant number of systems this year, while 40% have deployed Windows 10 on 50% or more of their systems. Quite an explosive rollout of a new operating system for enterprises, but we cannot ignore the sample size too.

The new reports will help instill confidence in those yet to make the big move for their businesses. However, this unprecedented Windows 10 Enterprise adoption rate might have a lot to do with how Microsoft has pushed the new OS. Unlike home users, Enterprise relies heavily on Microsoft's support. By ending support for earlier versions of the operating system along with Internet Explorer, the company is trying to make the new operating system the sole software it has to manage in the coming few years. Another reason of this "confidence in Windows 10," is also because it is comparatively easier for IT professionals to keep the new OS updated and maintained with Microsoft's Windows-as-a-Service model, releasing updates frequently and over the air.