Windows 10 Redstone Preview 11099 Starts Rolling Out – Brings No Major Features


A new build of Windows 10 Redstone has started rolling out to the Fast Ring members of Microsoft's Windows Insider Program today. The latest Windows 10 11099 build is reportedly very similar to 11082, rolled out earlier last month. No new features or changes have been experienced so far as the focus remains on performance enhancement and bug squashing.

windows 10 redstone

Windows 10 Redstone 11099 released:

The latest build has addressed an issue with the progress dialog that appears when deleting or copying files using the File Explorer. Microsoft had promised a faster release cycle starting in January and is seemingly on track after the holidays. However, as the frequency of Redstone builds increases, there are fewer, if any, new changes expected in each build, as Insider members will rarely experience any noticeable changes:

As with the previous build, this build does not include big noticeable changes or new features yet. Our focus through the holidays was on structural improvements to OneCore, which is the shared core of Windows across devices. The code refactoring and other engineering work we’ve been doing to optimize OneCore is nearing the point where we will be ready for teams to begin checking in new features and improvements. It will still be a few builds before any really noticeable changes show up, depending on when teams begin lighting up new features in their areas. We’re excited for Insiders to use this build to validate the work we’ve been doing to OneCore, so give this build a try and let us know of any issues you run into via the Windows Feedback app.

Along with a lack of any major changes, the faster build release cycle also means that more bugs get through undetected during the internal testing period. These builds are expected to contain more bugs than the Fast Ring members have previously experienced. As recommended in our earlier posts on the subject, do not install the latest builds if you aren't sure about the errors, and also never on your primary devices. Starting from today, Windows team won't share the known issues in the announcement blogpost as they will be posted inside the Insider Hub. Following are the known Windows 10 Redstone 11099 issues:

  • Log on for devices using Citrix XenDesktop may be broken. It is recommended that Insiders that use XenDesktop skip this flight by moving to the Slow ring.
  • Applications that depend on Adobe Flash may crash upon launch. This will affect some version of Skype, QQ, WeChat, etc. This does not affect Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • With this build, defaults for some applications will be reset. Music & Video will default to Windows Media Player. This can be reconfigured opening Cortana or Search and searching for “Choose default apps by file type” to open the correct settings page.

If you are a Fast Ring member, you can install the latest Windows 10 Redstone preview on your PC. Let us know what you think of the latest build.