WhatsApp Introduces Chat History Transfer Between Android and iOS

Furqan Shahid
WhatsApp Introduces Chat History Transfer Between Android and iOS

WhatsApp has decided to go ahead and announce one of the biggest features that a lot of people have been waiting for for some time. The feature will let you carry over your chats when you decided to jump from one mobile platform to another mobile platform.

Previously, if you shifted from iOS to Android or the opposite, you would lose your chat history, which is not always the best thing as most people have sensitive or important information on their chats that they do not want to lose. That will no longer happen as WhatsApp has decided to introduce this new feature to make everything seamless.

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The feature was announced during the Galaxy Unpacked event that happened earlier today. If you are wondering why, then that is because WhatsApp is bringing this feature first to Samsung phones running Android 10 or newer, including the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, it will eventually be available on the rest of the Android phones.

For those wondering, the chat history transfer will also include photos and voice notes. It should be available to everyone in the coming weeks. WhatsApp has talked about how implementing this feature was not easy as the messages are end-to-end encrypted and stored on the device. Migrating them took extra effort from WhatsApp, and phone manufacturers were also involved in this process.

Honestly, this move might seem strange, but WhatsApp picked a really nice time to announce this feature. This would give more incentive to iPhone users to finally switch over to the Samsung devices, especially now that you have the new foldable devices out in the open. However, even if you are looking at the larger picture, the feature is handy as you will no longer have to worry about losing your chats whenever you are migrating to a new phone.

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