Samsung Galaxy Phones Are the Only Android Devices Worth Buying


Samsung Galaxy series of devices has had a fairly controversial history. Right from the moment the company entered the market with their first Android phone, they started receiving mixed reviews. Although the originally released Galaxy S was a smashing hit, a lot of people were not in favour of how the TouchWiz UI looked back in the day. Do keep in mind that back in 2010, Android was still maturing, so there were not a lot of options available in the market, plus Samsung was already creating smartphones so, it only made sense to try something out from a well-established brand.

However, that is not to say that the Samsung Galaxy phones did not receive the love they deserved. The original Galaxy S, as well as the successors, received a lot of critical acclaims. The culprit for any negative reviews was always the TouchWiz UI. Especially when stock Android was there and providing a much better experience. That is not to say that Samsung was the only company with its own skin. LG, Huawei, Sony, as well as HTC were all included in the list of companies with their own skins, however, Samsung's TouchWiz UI received the most hatred.

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Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Have Improved Significantly Over the Years, Becoming the Only Android Smartphone That Is Worth Buying.

Things took a drastic turn when Samsung announced the Galaxy S8; the smartphone that truly revolutionized Samsung's design language as well as their future. Gone was the cartoonish TouchWiz, and was replaced by a much more responsive and cleaner One UI. Over the past couple of years, One UI has seen a lot of improvements and has become the go-to skin for a lot of Android users.

However, that is not all. Samsung has been constantly improving their practices in other departments, as well. For starters, the company has been pretty good with delivering timely updates to both the newer devices as well as the older devices. Making constant improvements, and bringing in newer and better innovations.

While Samsung was trying to improve on its foundation, a lot changed in the Android landscape over the past couple of years. Sony and HTC almost entirely vanished from the market. LG stuck around but most of the phones they released were overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy flagship that would come out every year. 6 years ago, a company by the name OnePlus did provide an interesting challenge and a hope that perhaps the smartphone industry might change, but with the release of OnePlus 8 series of devices, even that seems like a fair dream gone away. Moving on to Huawei, losing Google's Mobile Services was not really a good thing for a company as it has become a company that has phones with amazing hardware, but poor software. The P40 series is the prime example of that.

This leaves us with Samsung, Google, OnePlus and a handful of other companies that are still struggling to make their mark in the Android industry. But let's be honest here, Google's decision of releasing phones in the 4th quarter does not make much sense especially when the next flagship device from other companies is barely a few months away. As for OnePlus, the only value OnePlus used to have was the lowered prices, but with over the past couple of years, we have realised that even OnePlus is charging a premium for their devices.

At the time of writing, if someone asks us for the top-tier Android phone recommendation, we cannot think of any phone better than what Samsung has to offer. There is no second option anymore, regardless of a budget or not. The Galaxy S20 series of devices is the Android smartphone to have at the moment, the same was the case with the Galaxy S10 released before that.

Samsung has pretty much everything to offer at this point; top of the line specs that include a great camera, great screen, good battery life, timely updates, a clean user interface as well as a great user experience. Granted, you are entitled to your opinion, but if you are looking for the best smartphones running Android, things do not get better than what the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones has to offer.