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Rumor: Intel Says Biggest Advantage Against AMD is Their Financial Horsepower, Price Cuts and Discounts Cost Chipzilla Around $3 Billion

Intel is planning to hit back AMD in the desktop and notebook market by offering price cuts on the existing Core lineup while competitively positioning their upcoming product lines.


Snapdragon 865 Achieves Peak Multicore Core Of 13,300 Suggests Report

After becoming the first company to introduce the first 64-bit processor with the iPhone 5s, the Cupertino tech giant currently has the fastest smartphone chip in the market.


Rumor : AMD Zen 3 Delivers 8%+ IPC & 200Mhz Higher Clock vs Zen 2

MD's Zen 3 architecture is set to launch next year and if this rumor pans out it will bring no less than 8% greater performance per clock vs current Ryzen 3000 series processors.


Rumor: Intel To Skip 10nm For Desktop CPUs, Will Offer 7nm Desktop CPUs in 2022

Intel seems to have dropped all plans for a 10nm desktop processor launch and are now aiming to release 7nm desktop processors in 2022.


Open World Tech Demo Running On Navi-Based Hardware Shows What The PlayStation 5 Will Be Capable Of

According to a recent report, things will be going way beyond what we have seen in the most impressive games of the current generation.


Fortnite Deletes Itself: Map And Menus Implode Into A Black Hole During ‘The End’

Everything Fortnite - and this includes the in-game menus and maps - have been sucked into a black hole during the season X finale of Fortnite, appropriately titled "The End".


GeForce NOW Lands on Android; APK Available for Download

GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's cloud streaming service for games, is now available on Android devices.


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