Wccftech Game of the Month – Metro 2033: Redux

Jesse Rogalski

Doom, Gloom and All That Fun Stuff Awaits in Metro 2033: Redux

Who doesn't love a bit of post-apocalyptic struggle? We at WCCFtech sure do, so the idea of returning to the dead city of Moscow in 4A's fantastic Metro 2033, well, it's a welcome thought to say the least. An improved and extended version of 2010's cult classic, 4A put a lot of effort into this re-release, and it shows.Metro 2033: Last Light

Metro 2033 has been ported over to the latest version of their in-house 4A engine, bringing over the advanced lighting and optimizations found in Last Light. Not to mention the reworking of certain levels, character models and even implementing the vastly superior stealth mechanics featured in its sequel, Last Light.

While Deep Silver - 4A's publishing house, also released Last Light under the Redux name, the improvements are only minor by comparison, thus us awarding game of the month to 2033 alone, instead of giving it to the bundle itself.

For those new to the series, this one is a no brainer. You get the definitive version of two fantastic,  atmosphere-dripping shooters for the price of one title. For those who have already played both games, Metro 2033: Redux does more than enough different to justify the $25 asking price.

For those more familiar with the series, however, we recommend waiting for a price drop before grabbing Last Light. That's if the idea of re-playing the game with more hardcore sensibilities is something that interests you in the first place. Otherwise, it's an easy skip.

Thanks for reading, and long live the Metro.

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