Wccftech Deals – Ultimate Maya, Adobe, CAD Design Bundle, $29

Jeff Williams

You're sitting at your computer, be it a Mac or a PC. It doesn't matter which. Sitting, staring blankly at that untextured sphere that seems to mock you no matter how you poke and prod it. It sits there, just sits there and does nothing. And no amount of coaxing can bring to do anything for you.

Maybe you've had that struggle when opening up Maya, 3DSMax or Blender with a new object that you thought you wanted to make into something. For the absolute beginner it can be daunting, and discouraging, even with the plethora of material there. Guided classes with real feedback can help tremendously. So we can help you build the skills necessary to finally bring the ideas you've imagined into fruition, for $29, which used to be $1,799.


Learn to be a creative master with lifetime access to 60+ courses on design.

Designing something and being truly creative isn't an easy skill to learn by any means, but with the help of the qualified instructors from eduCBA can help tremendously. A good teacher and real feedback goes a long way to learning something and retaining that knowledge. So hop on over and take advantage of the design bundle that's only $29, a whopping 98% off of the normal price.

What you'll receive:

  • Lifetime access to all 60+ courses
  • Access to all future online design & animation courses
  • Access to experts via online academic support
  • Certificate of completion in CAD, Adobe, MAYA, engineering & animation courses
  • CAD coursework, including AutoCAD training
  • Adobe courses, including CorelDraw, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign & Audition training
  • MAYA courses, including 3D Design, Bouncing Ball, Character Animation, and Shave & Hair Cut training
  • Engineering courses, including SolidWorks, SilhouetteFX & Pro/Engineer training
  • Animation courses, including ZBrush, Unity 5, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Mudbox, Keyshot & Interface Mocha Pro training
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