Wccftech Deals – SKEYE Nano Drone: Matte-Black Limited Edition ($39.99)


Why is it that we feature the SKEYE Nano Drone so often here? Because it's freaking awesome, that's why. A miniscule little drone that's so supremely capable, and can even fly for longer than you'd expect. And now we've got a limited edition matte black model to keep things a bit more stealthy for only $39.99.

SKEYE Nano Drone

SKEYE Nano Drone, now more with more stealth.

Having a drone is pretty cool, especially when it's so tiny and capable, like this gorgeous and stealthy SKEYE Nano Drone. Not only is it wee, but it's easy to fly for the beginner and advanced enough to do some very cool acrobatics. And it's super stealthy. The only thin it's missing is a radar absorbing coat of paint.

The SKEYE Nano Drone:

  • Epic throw-to-fly functionality
  • Advanced 6-axis flight control system w/ adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • Built-in LEDs for night flights
  • Capable of aerobatic flips & exciting maneuvers
  • 4 replacement rotor blades for stress-free crashes
  • Matte-black design for a unique stealth style
  • Miniature size for nimble flight paths
  • 3 flight levels from beginner to expert