Watchsmith Brings Dynamic Complications to Apple Watch, Gives Personalization a Whole New Meaning


A new app called Watchsmith is available for Apple Watch and it makes Complications far more useful than they have ever been.

Watchsmith Dynamically Switches Between Different Complications Based on a Set of Rules

Complications on Apple Watch are as good as how the developers have made them to be. Once set, they just stay there, showing a particular set of information without changing much throughout the day. What if Complications were slightly more dynamic? Let's say, it's 9am, and one Complication automatically starts showing your calendar for the day instead of the weather? Once you reach home, that Complication now shows you your Activity rings. How about that? This is what Watchsmith aims to achieve, and in the first version of the app, it's actually pretty marvelous.

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Watchsmith app running on iPhone

Once downloaded and installed from the App Store, Watchsmith's magic happens on the iPhone first. You start off by making a Complication based on a set of rules. This can be time, location, astronomy and more. For example, you can create a Complication to show you the weather throughout the day, and when you reach a pre-defined location, such as your home, it will automatically switch to something else, such as the date.

Obviously, you can make multiple Complications like these from your iPhone and then set them up on your Apple Watch like any other third-party Complication. Also, the Watchsmith app taps into many different sources to provide you with a variety of information, including data from the Health app, such as your heart-rate.

Watchsmith app running on Apple Watch

Watchsmith lets you personalize your Apple Watch like never before.

It starts with a wide collection of highly customizable complications, which range in function from date, to weather, to astronomy. Each can be adjusted precisely to best fit your desired function and appearance.

This set of complications can then be dynamically scheduled to appear on your watch face following rules you define. For example, a particular complication slot could show the weather first thing in the morning, then your calendar during your work day, then switch to your Activity ring progress as you wrap up your day. This lets you take full advantage of each slot on your watch face without the need to constantly switch back and forth between faces.

If you are all about taking customization to the next level, then Watchsmith is one app you should download right now. In fact, it gives a whole new meaning to customization, something which the Apple Watch Complications totally lack.

Download Watchsmith for iPhone and Apple Watch [App Store link]