watchOS 6.2 Will Add In-App Purchases for Apple Watch Apps

watchOS 6.2 beta In-App Purchases

Apple has seen fit to release the first beta of the watchOS 6.2 update to developers. The first beta is available to all developers enrolled in the Apple beta testing program. Yet again, the company is gearing up to add more features to the mix and this time, the Apple Watch apps are seeing some major changes. Apple is adding support for in-app purchases for Apple Watch apps. Scroll down for more details on what the watchOS 6.2 beta has to offer.

In-App Purchases Coming to Apple Watch Apps With watchOS 6.2

As we have mentioned earlier, Apple has released watchOS 6.2 beta 1 to developers and the build is adding in-app purchases for Apple Watch apps. If you're looking to give watchOS 6.2 beta 1 a swing for yourself, Apple's developer update guides developers that they will need to download Xcode 11.4 beta to ready for the feature addition.

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Through this, developers can add the in-app purchases feature to Apple Watch apps with the next software release. In addition, the operation will also require StoreKit API to make the in-app purchases works. In-app purchases are common on iOS and macOS. However, this is the first time that it is coming for Apple Watch apps as found in watchOS 6.2 beta 1.

watchOS 6.2 beta in-app purchases

In-app purchases will allow developers to add premium content for a price, they can build subscription-based services and more into watchOS apps.

With the public release of watchOS 6.2, you’ll be able to offer in‑app purchases directly in your watchOS apps, so users can access premium content, digital goods, subscriptions, and more, all right from their wrist. Get started today by downloading Xcode 11.4 beta, implementing the StoreKit API, and build for the beta version of watchOS 6.2.

Take note that the feature is only part of the watchOS 6.2 beta 1. The final release is months away and weeks for a public release. There will be more additions and changes in the coming weeks so do stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on in-app purchases coming to watchOS apps? Let us know in the comments.

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