Watch Dogs Legion Director Explains How the Game Has Been Refined Since Its Delay


Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment in the hacking themed open world game by Ubisoft, was among the slew of titles that got delayed following the disappointing release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in late 2019. The publisher wished for every upcoming title to have more distinguishing features, not to mention more polish, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Originally set to launch on March 6th, the game just got confirmed for an October 29th launch date. Speaking with IGN, Game Director Clint Hocking gave an overview of what the development team has been doing since they received the news of the delay.

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Obviously the day the word came down was devastating because you put yourself in the mental mindset of ‘We're going to close this and get it out the door.’ And that takes a little bit of time to undo but after a few days of stewing in it, it's like, 'Oh yeah, actually, this is great. This is great.'

We were very close when we were ready to ship and the delay has allowed us to really look at the things that were out of reach for us back then, and how to incorporate those things and add a layer of polish and realization and clarity to the game.

So the most important thing I think we've done is added a lot more refinement to traits and the abilities that you find on characters in the world, and better ways for aggregating those into individuals. As a consequence of that, we have a lot of cool characters that kind of emerge out of these great traits.

Hocking then proceeded to briefly discuss the 'liberation missions' that will be unlocked after causing enough mayhem and inspiring enough revolution in a specific borough of London.

Once you do all of those activities in a borough, you get a borough liberation mission, a really custom beat with unique gameplay and a really cool challenge. And then that causes the people in the borough to rise up and that makes them much easier to recruit, and it gets rid of the Albion checkpoints and reduces the Albion presence in the streets. It really makes it feel like you're actually taking the city back.

Watch Dogs Legion will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, with next-generation versions coming shortly afterward, said Ubisoft.