Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.08 Detailed; Replay Missions, Hacker Level, Tweaks, Bug Fixes & More

Aernout van de Velde
Watch Dogs 2 PC update 1.09

Ubisoft has detailed Watch Dogs 2 update 1.08 which will be released later this week. The title update includes free content, balancing to multiplayer game mode, and lots of bug fixes.

More free content updates and DLC will be made available will be made available in the future alongside tweaks to the game’s multiplayer experience based on data analysis and community feedback.

Check out the patch details for the Watch Dogs 2 title update 1.08 down below:

New Features

Replay Missions - We’ve added a functionality that lets you replay any mission that is part of a Main Operation. This will let you relive your favorite moments or experiment with different playstyles.


Hacker Level - Your new Hacker Level is now displayed as a stat in Marcus’ phone, based on followers acquired. You can see another player’s Hacker Level when you profile them, and this will allow you to compare yourself against your friends.


Enemy Weapons – DedSec picked up blueprints for enemy weapons and now they’re all available to print from the 3D Printer - for a fee.


Select Difficulty Level - The first time you start a new game, you’ll be prompted to choose a difficulty level. As a reminder, you can change the difficulty level at any time in the Game Options app.

Tweaks & Balancing

Hacking Invasions

We made so many tweaks to Hacking Invasions we gave the mode its own section here. We tried some new things with this game mode and there’s been a lot of discussion since players started playing online. After reviewing the data and feedback, we’ve concluded that there are too many opportunities for the target to accidentally discover the hacker. This takes away from rewarding the skill of both the hacker and target; therefore, updates to Hacking Invasions are primarily focused on preventing the occurrence of accidental discoveries.

Before the download is started:

o The target can no longer automatically profile the hacker or their RC.

o For the target player, in NetHack, the hacker’s RC is displayed as a neutral-colored object (instead of red).

o If the target does an action that reveals the presence of a hacker in their game the search zone is now 3 times bigger.

o To help the hacker to initiate the download while the target is moving in a vehicle, the hacker can now hold the hack button on the target for a distance up to 120m.

During the download:

o Fixed an issue where the target’s name would be visible without having a line of sight on them.

o Fixed issues in NetHack that (in some situations) allowed the target to see civilians/hacker through the walls.

o To reduce accidental detection:

In NetHack, for the target, a small delay has been added before showing the identity of the person being targeted.

In NetHack, for the target, the targeting angle was reduced.

Enemy player’s RC can no longer be profiled through walls.

The red targeting line displayed between the enemy and their RC only appears when the RC is profiled, instead of just by targeting it.

The hacker is warned when their RC is profiled: “RC WAS DETECTED: Your position has been revealed!”

Hacker rewards: You’ll be rewarded based on the percentage of download completed, and you’ll get extra rewards if you escape. This also means that if your target disconnects or quits, you’ll still get some reward.

Exploit: Fixed an exploit where the player could not be seen while in the water using the Nethack vision.

Bug: Fixed an issue where the media player song would still play in Nudle Map while being invaded by another player, creating an exploit that allowed you to better identify when you’re being invaded.

Bug: Fixed an exploit where the side activities icons would disappear from the world map if a player was being invaded.


Leaderboard: We want to showcase your leaderboard rank more prominently. Therefore, your leaderboard rank for each multiplayer activity is now displayed at the beginning and end of each match, and also in the Multiplayer app. This is a priority feature we want to improve, so you can expect future updates.

Co-Op: We’ve made it easier to team up for co-op with a player that’s already in your session. Entering the vehicle of an allied player will prompt that player to team up for co-op.

Co-Op: We’ve added difficulty level to online operations icons on the world map.

You can now throw an IED on rooftops from street level. You can do this at any point, but as NPCs typically aren’t found wandering around on rooftops, this will come in especially handy in online game modes.

OtherShooting Mechanics: We’ve made changes to the shooting behavior so that shooting your weapon feels more satisfying.

o Improved weapon recoil, making for increased accuracy when firing multiple rounds.

o The sound of each weapon firing and bullet impact has been improved.

o Bullet tracers are more visible.

AI: Improved AI sniper behavior by making them move less from cover to cover, meaning they’ll shoot more often.

Localization: Larger fonts in Arabic and Chinese subtitles to make them more visible.

Gallery: Minor graphical fixes to Camera and Gallery interface that will help you take better screenshots.

Bug Fixes

Leaderboard rewards: If you earned a leaderboard reward in Season 1, it will be delivered to your inventory in this patch.

“PULL OVER NOW!”: The loudspeaker policewoman will repeat this command less frequently.

Wall Geometry Exploits: Players can no longer use motorcycles to pass through walls, and we’ve fixed other similar wall exploits.

Broken missions/halted progression: Fixed progression-breaking issues for the following missions: Power to the Sheeple, Alcatraz Showdown, Infected Bytes, Just Making a Living, Get Back in the Game, Jailbird Blues, and Kicking it Old School. If you got stuck during any of these missions, you’ll be able to proceed now without starting over.

Mass Sitara: Improved an issue where Sitara could be present multiple times in the Hacker Space during A Walk in the Park.

Bounty: Fixed a rare issue where a Bounty could go on forever if the hunted player hid in Wrench’s garage.

Bike Collision: Reduced the collision size on bikes so the player can drive closer to obstacles without bailing (time to find some trees and go nuts).

Leaderboards: Fixed the description of the divisions in the leaderboards; percentage details were wrong.

Invasion Rewards: Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get the reward for neutralizing an invader without profiling them first.

Co-Op: Fixed an issue where a player couldn’t get into a car while playing in coop.

Improved performance and stability

Minor graphical improvements

Fixed multiple AI and traffic issues

Several improvements on the GPS pathing

Fixed multiple replication issues

Fixed numerous minor audio and text issues in localized versions of the game

Lots and lots of other minor bug fixes

PC-Only Updates

San Francisco Fog (aka “Karl”): Fixed a timer bug that was causing the iconic fog to appear less often than intended. On the days it appears, it will show up around 6PM and disappear around 2PM the next day. In a future update, we’ll adjust and randomize its appearance times, so you can enjoy it more often. If you are eager to see it, you can always make the time pass faster by taking a nap on the sofa in the HQ.

The fog is not turned on by default (due to high demands on your PC) and must be activated in settings.

Improved performance on Crossfire systems (AMD dual GPU systems)

Fixed various minor issues with the UI and text.

Fixed minor issues with the HUD in multi-monitor mode

Fixed various cases of reflections corruption.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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