New Walking Dead Survivor Teased, 400 Days Coming Soon?


We now see a 5th survivor thrown into the ring, The Walking Dead 400 Days is expected to be TellTales next work, but rather than bring something completely fresh, it is speculated that "400 Days" Will actually be a DLC for the original game, So far we have seen; VinceBonnieRussell and Shel into the mix, but now we meet the survivor that supposedly lasted 41 days, Wyatt.

Walking Dead

New Walking Dead Survivor Appears, is 400 Days coming out soon?

The current list of survivors goes as such

Vince - 2 Days

Bonnie - 220 Days

Russell - 184 Days

Shel - 236 Days

and today we add

Wyatt - 41 Days.

What helps make this tease special is how obvious TellTale has made the number "400" appear, this could be a hint from them that they are indeed working on a game called "400 Days" and all of these teasers are showing survivors and how long each of them lasted out in the wild.

While more details surrounding 400 Days is still a big mystery, I am wondering when we will hear anything concrete on it from TellTale Games themselves, at least now we can rest assured that TellTale wasn't teasing Season 2 all along and that they are trying to give the fans a little something in the middle to help them quench their thirst for more Walking Dead before the arrival of Season 2 later this year.

400 Days would look like an interesting game, but will it be like Day - Z / Zombi-U where players will have to fight, hunt and survive a world infested with zombies? If so, then how would TellTale Games go about handling that formula into what made Season 1 so famous?

Whatever TellTale Games is planning, I hope they do it soon.

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