TellTale Games Beings Walking Dead Season 2 Tease


TellTale Games seems to be getting a head start on the new season of their point and click adventure game that captivated the world last year, The Walking Dead video game that was adapted by TellTale Games last year managed to sweep various awards, praise and even our hearts with a great cast of characters, a good story and even some truly well placed choices that either made the player a Rick Grimes or a Merle Dixon, the game met with such tremendous success that it went on to become retail to even have a new season already in the cards just about half way through the mid of the first season!

TellTale Games

TellTale Games will return once again with The Walking Dead, we see a new protagonist, probably by the name of "Vince"

TellTale Games have come to be known as the masters of point and click adventure games, their work on the Sam and Max, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and more recently with The Walking Dead has greatly made them a significant name in the industry. The Walking Dead was one of the most captivating games of the previous year, while the graphics weren't on the level of a "Crysis" or the budget wasn't that of a Call of Duty title, the game managed to actually move people and feel attached to a set of characters in a cell shaded universe that no other big budget AAA title was able to do.

Season 1 had a pretty deep ending and without divulging on spoilers, I would love to see the next chapter in Season 2, The latest tease shows us a Vine video of someone putting up a picture of someone named "Vince", the person putting up the picture though appears to be African-American.

With E3 drawing closer it won't be soon until we have some new information surrounding this anticipated title, even though the game has been confirmed to be slated for a release date later this year, so I am just glad we won't have to wait long.