TellTale Games Continues Tease With Russell


We see a third entry to the group of survivors, the debut character was Vince, followed by Bonnie and now the latest entry to the possible list of characters for Walking Dead Season 2 is Russell. With the caption of Day 184, I am wondering why are the days continuing to vary, the first post started from Day 2, then to day 220 and now 184. Is there a connection between them all or are we looking at the wrong side of the picture? Should we instead be looking at the one putting the pictures up?

TellTale Games

TellTale Games continues to tease the fans who are anticipating The Walking Dead Season 2 with these curious pictures.

The first of the (possible survivors?) in list of appearance so far are

Vince (Day 2)

Bonnie (Day 220)

and Today we add Russell (Day 184) to this list.

On one side, we see these pictures being put up on various days but whether or not they will be key players in season 2 is still the bigger question and one that won't be cleared up until we know more about Season 2.

So far we have 3 survivors on board for the Walking Dead Season 2 and if we count the fellow putting the pictures up, then that makes 4. What I really look forward to seeing is if TellTale Games will be able to work their magic of a Lee-Clementine relationship as they did with Season 1, If they approached it with a different angle it would definitely help make Season 2 stand out over its predecessor.

Currently, Season 2 is shrouded in mystery and has no clues about what, where or when the game will take place. For those of you out there who are highly anticipating more details surrounding the game won't have to wait long since the release date for Season 2 is Fall, Later this year.