Walking Dead Gameplay Comes Crawling Out

Rizwan Anwer

A few days ago Telltale games announced that they are working on making The Walking Dead into a video game, but while the teaser trailer didn't show much game play we get a brief look in the latest interview with the creator of the series and his feelings on the game, While the game goes for a cell shaded comic book style look as we have seen in Borderlands I would say that its very fitting considering how the series originated in comic books and fans of the series will be able to appreciate the game better if it sticks to its roots.

It's a jungle out there!

The Walking Dead is without a doubt one of Televisions most loved shows right now, despite its theme its a show for all kinds of fans of TV shows over all and has even become a modern day LOST, but when fans of the series wanted more content related to the series than just a series and comic books it was decided by the gaming Gods that the series will be made into a video game too and judging by the looks of the trailer I can say that the game will definitely be broken into episodic content since it will be more suitable.

Skip to 9:00 for the gameplay trailer.

UPDATE: It seems that another video was leaked on the 15th of March but it was flying under the radar. It shows 13 minutes of gameplay on the XBOX 360 version.

While Jurassic Park was highly anticipated by fans of the series it was a huge let down when it finally released on all the major gaming platforms but judging by the first impression I got from this trailer I would say that this game will easily be good if they stick to the story line of multiple characters and find ways to make this game connect with events in the comic books and / or the TV Series. The Walking Dead as a video game CAN be great but if it is handled properly, I just hope that it doesn't disappoint when the time does come.

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