The Walking Dead Comes to Life on Console and PC

The Walking Dead is one of Televisions finest shows with a large viewing audience and after making its impact in the world of Television it is now making its way to the PS3, XBOX 360 and the PC. While Telltale games did try making Jurassic Park the game last year and it didn't turn out the way fans were hoping this game looks like its headed in the right direction; seeing as how its using comic book style animation to suit a TV show with comic book origins I would say that they are on the right track so far.

TTG takes on The Walking Dead.

As you can see from the trailer it is a recording of 3 voice messages who is trying to reach her daughter Clementine and the baby sitter Sandra, it seems that the story will revolve around the mother trying to reach her daughter in Atlanta and discover whether she is still alive or not but from the looks of things I would say that the chances of her surviving are pretty slim but you never know who can be a survivor in times of dire crisis.

Telltale games are better known for their masterful work in the world of point and click games such as Sam and Max and Back to the Future the company mostly focuses on episodic releases while charging for the whole game season at once, The Walking Dead will also be an episodic release with the first episode and an episode following it every month until the fifth or sixth episode to conclude the season and possibly the game series.

While this is only the teaser trailer there is going to be more footage of the game come March 19th and hopefully this game won't be another disappointment.

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