World of Tanks Will Fully Support Project Scorpio; Already Running in Full 4K & “ Extra Bells and Whistles” Being Determined

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AMD's custom SoC inside Project Scorpio

World of Tanks will fully support Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio and it appears that the developers already have the game running in native 4K resolution.

Wargaming’s executive producer, TJ Wagner, said as much during a recent World of Tanks Developer Q&A, when asked about the developer’s plans for releasing the game on Project Scorpio. According to Wagner, Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox console will be fully supported and the team is already running tests in native 4K. In addition, the developers are in the process of determining which extra enhancements will be offered on Scorpio.

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“We plan on fully supporting Scorpio and are already running tests at full 4K resolution. It looks fantastic. We’re still determining other extra bells and whistles for Scorpio.”

On Sony’s enhanced PlayStation 4 console, the PS4 Pro, the free-to-play tank game runs at 1800p resolution with various visual enhancements such as HDR and higher quality anti-aliasing, and we’re curious about what enhancements the game will offer on Project Scorpio.

Initially released on PC and Xbox 360, Wargaming announced an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release back in 2015. The Xbox One version was released later that year, while the PS4 version was released early 2016.

“We’re very excited to expand the World of Tanks experience to the Xbox One. There’s a lot of cool and exciting new features designed to bring out the best on that console,” Wagner said back in June of 2015. “The introduction of some brand-new features including cross-platform multiplayer and voice between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the exciting new PvE mode, is going to give gamers, whether they’re already players or not, a whole new World of Tanks experience.”

“The team is very excited to launch World of Tanks on PlayStation 4 and bring the game to a new audience" , Wagner said in January of 2016.

The PS4 Pro version of the game was released back in November of last year.

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