First Ever Video Shows The iPhone 6 Booting Up And Connected To iTunes

It's confirmed folks. iPhone 6 leaks are perpetual. The iPhone 6 is the first Apple device that has been so extensively leaked. As we like to keep on reminding you, almost every part of the device has been leaked so far. This list ranges from home button/touch ID parts, loudspeaker components, touch screen displays, shell casings, logic boards and more.

With these leaks, it was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea of collecting as much of these parts and assembling the iPhone 6 for themselves. I mean, why wait for Apple's official launch event when you can make your own iPhone 6.

Luxury vendor Field & Volk seems to have done just this. Previously the retailer had outed first ever photos of the iPhone 6 assembled. They have gone a step ahead this time and released a video showing the iPhone 6 booting up for the first time. Take a look below.

Luxury Vendor Posts Video Showing The iPhone 6 Booting Up For The First Time

Field & Volks prototype is not without it's defects however. As you can see, the device in the video above is far from being perfect. Yet, for those as excited for the iPhone 6 as we are, it nevertheless ends up giving a somewhat complete first impression of the hyped smartphone.

That's without the fact that such leaks, useful as they might be for all of us nevertheless can end up harming the product manufacturer. Whether the iPhone 6 is impacted by such news will be evident in less than two weeks. We surely hope that it does not happen.


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