Take A First Look At The Final iPhone 6 Here – Luxury iPhone Vendor Releases Pictures Of Rear And Front Together

As the iPhone 6 nears it's September launch, almost on a daily basis pictures of hardware parts of the device have been leaking. From logic boards, to home button sensors for the device, we've almost seen it all. Well, today's the first time anyone has bothered to put together the rear and front of the iPhone 6 together to give a complete look of the device.

These parts when photographed together, help us get our most detailed look at Apple's upcoming flagship yet. Courtesy of luxury iPhone vendor Feld & Volk, the iPhone 6 does end up looking quite remarkable indeed. Of course, this will only be true if the parts leaked are actually authentic. However, the device does look very similar to the world's first alleged iPhone 6 picture released by KitGuru a month back.

Russian Vendor Releases Pictures Of iPhone 6 Front and Rear Shell Assembled.

The pictures show just how sleek Apple's upcoming device can expected to be. The smooth polished look of the front screen blends in perfectly with the 4.7 inch size and the silver rear shell of the device. They also suggest that the iPhone 6 can expected to be much thinner than the current iPhone 5S and will also feature redesigned speaker holes and true tone flash.

In addition to the speaker grill, the power button on the iPhone 6 also seems to have been relocated owing to an increased screen size discouraging one-handed use. The volume buttons look different as well and we can get an idea of just how thin the device will be better by looking at the picture above. For a complete set of picture look at the slideshow below. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6 on the 9th of this September.

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