Viber for iOS & Android Gains Secret Messages Feature


Viber for iOS and Android has just received a slick update, bringing to users a new Secret Messages feature. Here's what it is all about.

Disappearing Photos & Videos - Viber for iOS & Android Has a New Treat for IM'ers

There are countless IM services out there it seems, but the top of the food chain is dominated by the likes of WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage etc. All of these services are constantly being improved over time, ensuring that the best ever experience is delivered to the end user at any cost. Today, Viber is receiving a wonderful update, bringing forth secret messages. As the name implies already, it allows you to send videos or photos with a timer. Once the time is up, the particular message will disappear, never to be seen or heard from again.

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Make your conversations more meaningful by choosing what stays and what goes. Secret messages give you the ability to decide when the photos and videos you send will disappear from your conversation and, in doing so, let you decide what should and shouldn’t be a permanent part of your conversation history.

Sending a secret message is a piece of cake. First and foremost, open up the conversation thread in which you want to send a photo or a video. Once opened, choose a photo or video, then select the timer, and hit send. As soon as the photo or video is viewed by the other person, it will then disappear after a specified amount of time. It's pretty clever, but definitely something which Snapchat and Instagram have been pulling off quite well.

If you like to give secret messages a shot, then you can do so using Viber, which happens to be free of cost to download and used. Simply tap on the links below to kick off the download for either iOS or Android.

Viber has come a long way in terms of features and we are certain the train will continue to zoom forward in the time to come. Secret messages, while not a new idea, will definitely see itself as a welcome addition for a variety of reasons.