Valheim Adds New Armor and More, Mistlands Update Teased in New Images


Valheim finally delivered it’s long-promised Hearth & Home update back in September, and thankfully it seems developer Iron Gate Studio are moving on to new things with a bit more urgency. A new patch, which includes something new to slay in the Swamp biome and a cool-looking armor set, drops today. Additionally, Iron Gate have released some intriguing teaser images for upcoming content, including the big Mistlands update. First up, here are the notes for Valheim update 0.205.5

New content:

  • Added new armor set
  • Something stirs in the swamps

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed network issue when picking up items that just auto-stacked
  • Location music transition fixes
  • Swamps music volume tweak
  • Some player animation transition fixes
  • Monsters wakes up if hit by a ranged attack
  • Jump animation issue fixed


  • Console command auto complete help

I won’t spoil what exactly is stirring in the swamps, but here’s a look at the “Root Armor” set you can craft with the new materials you can gain.

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Meanwhile, here are a couple teaser images for Valheim’s Mistlands update, which will focus on the new foggy biome that's currently in progress. The first image is an early look at the Mistlands revealed back in October, and the second is the latest peek at the new biome released today.


But that’s not all Iron Gate are teasing! In addition to the Mistlands, they have also provided several looks at new cave systems and ruins they plan to add to the Mountain biome, which “may or may not have some lupine inhabitants.” Could these caves be part of the promised “Cult of the Wolf” update? We’ll have to wait and find out.


Valheim is available now in Early Access form on PC. The 0.205.5 update can be downloaded now. No word yet on when Mistlands and other major content updates will arrive.

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