Valheim May Get Sequels and Spin-Offs, but One Idea Has Already Been Shot Down

Francesco De Meo

Valheim, the popular survival game developed by Iron Gate Studio, may get sequels and spin-off games in the future, but one idea for a spin-off has already been shot down.

Speaking with GamesRadar, Iron Gate lead artist Robin Eyre revealed that an idea for a Greydwarf side-scrolling game has been shot down. Despite this idea getting rejected, the studio is exploring ideas for new projects related to Valheim, so it definitely seems like the world introduced by the survival game will gets expanded in the future.

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"They've said no to me, so this is not happening. This is not a sequel, but I want to make a Greydwarf game. It's a pixel side-scroller where you play as Greydwarves, and it’s versus Vikings instead. And stuff you get in this greydwarf game could carry over to Valheim. Or if you go into Valheim's credits, you can play the sidescroller Greydwarf game. How about that?"

Valheim has been going strong since its Early Access release last year. Last week, the game's long-awaited Mistlands update entered public testing, introducing new mechanics, creatures and more.

  • Wisplight (Move the mist using stationary wisplights or one that follows you wherever you go)
  • Magic! (Eat foods with Eitr in order to use magic staves, and develop the new skills Elemental Magic and Blood Magic)
  • Mushroom farming (The new Mistlands mushrooms can be grown from the comfort of your own home)
  • Poultry (Get eggs, hatch and raise chickens, take care of your hens and get more eggs!)
  • Friendly/unfriendly NPCs (They’re on your side as long as you don’t upset them!)

Valheim is now available on Steam as an Early Access release.

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