V Rising Gets DLSS/FSR 2.0 Mod with Big Performance Boost

Alessio Palumbo
V Rising

A couple of days ago, we reported on the Resident Evil 2 DLSS/FSR 2.0/XeSS mod developed by Praydog and PureDark/暗暗十分. It turns out that it was not the first mod to add upscaling technologies to a PC game, as that title belongs to PureDark's V Rising mod, released five days ago.

The Perf Mod for V Rising Mod is the first time DLSS/FSR2 has ever been modded into a game without any existing next-gen upscaler support (i.e., existing FSR 2.0 support, etc.).

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Unlike the game’s existing FSR 1.0 support, in addition to using deep learning to upscale, DLSS/FSR2 uses real-time knowledge of the game, such as its depth buffer, motion vectors, etc., so that upscaling results are as reliable and accurate as possible.

Now comes with FSR2 support! Non-RTX card owners can now also benefit from FSR2.

PureDark mentioned that this V Rising mod can provide a significant performance boost at high resolution. According to tester Slafs, an AMD Radeon RX 6700XT graphics card gets a meaningful uptick in performance at 4K even with the Quality preset.

  • Native: 46 FPS
  • Quality: 70 FPS (+52.1% over native)
  • Balanced: 82 FPS (+78.2% over native)
  • Performance: 101 FPS (+119.5% over native)
  • Ultra Performance: 115 FPS (+150% over native)

You can tweak various settings (including sharpness) via commands or directly in the configuration file. PureDark notes that you must keep AA disabled when using this V Rising mod. He also said he might create similar mods for other games if supported by fans through Patreon.

The mod is certainly a good way to improve your time with V Rising. Stunlock, the studio behind the highly successful vampire themed survival game, has introduced a Halloween event called Bloodfeast. Additionally, V Rising will be free to play between tomorrow, October 28th, and November 1st for a free weekend.

If you're a newcomer, be sure to check out the many guides we've published over the past months, starting with the beginner's one.

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