UPS “Follow My Delivery” Lets You Track Your Delivery In Real Time

There’s always that little bit of anxiety when you order something or when you send out a package to someone. To rid you of this problem UPS has finally announced a new service of true package tracking. This service will let you find out where exactly on the map a truck is carrying your items, so you will know the real time location of your shipment.

UPS launches real time tracking for your package

This may be a great step towards tracking shipments but it’s not for everyone. Right now UPS has only made the minute to minute tracking called “Follow My Delivery” available to UPS Air and UPS worldwide deliveries. Both of which are conveniently highly priced, so if you’re using standard shipping then this option is not any good to you.

For those of you who can afford the pricey deliveries have to sign up on for a free My Choice account to track their deliveries. My Choice gives you a great option of rerouting packages (not all but most), to your friend’s or neighbor’s home or to the closest UPS Access Point location in case you won’t be home at the time of the delivery.


For tracking your delivery the company introduced a map with the UPS driver’s location on it. That way you can see where your delivery is currently, but it won’t show the exact route that the delivery person is taking because you’re awaiting a shipment and not a creepy stalker tracking the person carrying it. But it is still a great job done by the company because it is again one of the pioneer companies to provide such a service for its users, decreasing their anxiety to much extent. UPS also plans to introduce similar or even better services like “Follow My Delivery” for its other tiers of services as well.


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