Unlocked Galaxy S4 Price In UK Is Going To Be £529.98


Only yesterday the Galaxy S4 price for Italy and EU were leaked from a source inside Samsung Italy. Today we've come to know that the unlocked Galaxy S4 price in UK is going to be £529.98. The latest Android powered smartphone will be available from carriers as well, who will subside the price and offer it with a contract of at least two years.

Unlocked Galaxy S4 Price In UK

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced less than a week back in New York City. It comes with a powerful quadcore processor, a 13 megapixel camera, generous amount of sensors and a plethora of features. In terms of design, it is somewhat similar to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. Nevertheless the S4 holds its own and recent reports suggest that pre-orders in the UK have broken all previous Samsung records.

Unlocked Mobiles is the first retailer to confirm unlocked Galaxy S4 price in UK. Their website lists the price as £529.98 including value added tax or VAT. Price excluding VAT is listed as £441.65. They're offering it in both Black Mist and White Frost colors. The product page states that they are going to start shipping Galaxy S4 units from April 26.

What this means is that if anyone is willing to import Galaxy S4 from the UK, they'll have to pay around $800 for that, which is equivalent of the unlocked Galaxy S4 price in UK listed under GBP. While the price is steep it is not exactly too high. The unlocked iPhone 5 is priced at £529 in the UK. The S4 has been similarly priced as iPhone 5 as well as its nearest Android rival, the HTC One. It has already been confirmed that the S4 will be available in USA in May or even June, all the four major mobile networks will be carrying the device. Nevertheless if someone wants an unlocked version from across the pond, they'll have to pay up.