Under-Display Camera Technology for Smartphones Still Needs Work or Image Quality Will Continue to Suffer, Says Xiaomi GM

Under Display Camera Issues Need to Be Fixed for tech to Enter Mass Production, Xiaomi GM

Samsung has apparently been working on under screen cameras for a long time and last year, we also saw prototypes from Xiaomi and OPPO. Like OPPO, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi has also confirmed now that the technology isn’t ready for commercialization yet. This was revealed by the company’s GM Lu Weibing, who also explained the current under-display camera issues.

Earlier Under display Camera Issues Included Degraded Image Quality When Using the Front Sensor

Weibing first asked his users about the technology that they looked forward to the most and it turns out that most people are awaiting the arrival of Camera-Under-Panel (CUP) or under-display cameras. As Weibing explains, this technology will allow vendors to achieve a full-screen design as notches and punch holes will not be required. However, due to several under-display camera issues, the technology is not ready for mass production yet.

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Weibing explains that the under-display camera issues stem from the contradictions between the display’s pixel-per-inch (PPI) and transmittance. Right now, the PPI value is about 400 and at this level, light transmittance to the sensor is very low, as a result of which image quality is severely affected. If PPI is reduced to increase transmittance, there will be a visible discrepancy in the PPI of the camera area and the rest of the screen which will result in other problems like color patches. Earlier, OPPO’s VP stated that under-display cameras will make a debut later on in smartphones, but as they’ll be situated behind the display, overall image quality processed by the sensor will be degraded.

For now, companies are still working on technology and before these under-display camera issues are resolved, we are unlikely to see their commercial debut. Although vendors can use software to improve image quality, the end result is still not comparable to that of a conventional camera taking pictures without any display layer present in front. According to a report from last year, we may see Samsung’s under-display camera this year, but at that time it was said that the South Korean giant is also facing light transmittance issues.

Thus, it remains to be seen if we will see any phone with an under-screen sensor this year that’s available for the masses.

News Source: Gizmochina

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