Unannounced Third-Party Xbox Series X Games to Be Shown Next Week, Insider Says; Microsoft’s Summer ‘E3’ Event Will be a “Big Blowout” for XGS

Xbox Series X Inside Xbox

Unannounced third-party titles will be shown off during Microsoft’s special Inside Xbox episode next week, according to reputable industry insider Shinobi.

Several rumors already hinted at it, and some days ago, Microsoft officially confirmed that it’s planning a special episode of Inside Xbox next week. During the broadcast, Microsoft will be showing off new gameplay of third-party titles running on the Xbox Series X.

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As confirmed by Ubisoft, the recently revealed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will show up, but other than that, we will have to wait and see what the Inside Xbox episode has in store for us. Are we going to see gameplay from yet to be announced third-party games? If reputable insider Shinobi is to be believed, this will indeed be the case.

When asked about it on the ResetEra forums, the insider answered with a clear “yes”. As hinted at by Shinobi, there’s also the possibility that publisher EA will be showing some gameplay for its upcoming titles running on Microsoft’s next-gen console, but this is merely speculation at this point. “I wouldn't say...nothing", Shinobi said when another Resetera user mentioned that EA has no upcoming games for this Fall.

Aside from next week’s third-party showcase, it appears that Microsoft is planning a second digital event that will focus on its first-party titles, and according to Shinobi, this event will be a “big blowout” for Xbox Game Studios.

“I genuinely don't know *everything* that will be there, to be transparent, but I know of several third parties”, he said. “Their 'E3' event is where XGS will get a big blowout.”

As always, we will keep you updated as soon as more info comes in on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X events.

Which third-party titles would you like to see unveiled during next week’s Inside Xbox episode? What about Microsoft’s first-party ‘E3’ event? Hit the comments down below.

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