Xbox Series X Gameplay to be Shown Off Next Week in a Big Inside Xbox Show


For weeks now, rumors have been circulating that Microsoft was preparing two major digital Xbox Series X showcase events for May and June, and now we have partial confirmation! Microsoft announced on Twitter that the next Inside Xbox show will take place in early May, and will feature some first-look Xbox Series X gameplay. Here’s the tweet in question…

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It sounds like this upcoming Inside Xbox will mostly focus on third-party games. Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg seems to indicate we’ll have to wait until Microsoft’s second big digital event to see stuff from the first-party Xbox Games Studios.

Footage from third-party games should still be exciting, as we’ve still seen precious little next-gen console gameplay footage of any kind. Of course, Ubisoft just unveiled Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and the trailer was Xbox Series X branded, so it’s a pretty safe bet that shows up next week (Update: Ubisoft Spain confirmed it). What else might we see? Could we see some all-new game reveals? Could Activision, EA, or some other major publisher have something up their sleeves?

Of course, there were also those rumors Microsoft may be revealing the less-powerful Xbox Series S sometime soon. It sounds like the upcoming Inside Xbox will mostly focus on software, but who knows? Maybe there will be a little hardware surprise as well.

The next episode of Inside Xbox drops on May 7 at 8am PT. What are your thoughts? Excited to see some Xbox Series X gameplay? What games do you think we’ll be seeing?