These Are the Toughest iPhone X Cases Available Today – List


You definitely need a tough iPhone X case if you are planning to rule the outdoor environment. Our today's list is just about that - tough cases.

Grab a Tough iPhone X Case Today and Don't Worry About Scratches or the Device Shattering.

Though Apple claims that the iPhone X is a tough device, but as soon as it hits concrete or a patch of rocks, say goodbye to that consistent design language resonating front and back. So, if you are one of the enthusiastic ones who love to rule the outdoor environment with your phone in your pocket then you need a tough iPhone X case. But not a regular case would do, these cases cover the smartphone from all corners, ensuring that it survives everything you throw at it like a piece of cake.

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Anker KARAPAX Shield Case - Price $7.99.

Don't let the price of this case fool you. This case has raised ridges around the screen and will absorb everyday bumps with utmost ease. But of course, this one's not meant for rogue environments. But the next case definitely is.

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case - Price $39.95.

If there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you want this case around your iPhone X. Why? Because it takes protection to the max by implementing multiple layers of defense. It even has a kickstand so you can catch up on your TV shows after ending your mountain trek.

OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case - Price $39.95.

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The DEFENDER SERIES case might prove to be a little too overwhelming for some. The COMMUTER SERIES however, is a slightly dialed down version of it as it cuts down on the bulk. But make no mistake, this case is still a tough little biscuit.

Spigen Tough Armor Case - Price $15.99.

The thing we love about Spigen cases is that they just work. This one's no different either. It has all fit and finish you'd come to expect from Spigen and has a polycarbonate back along with multiple layers of protection. But that's not the complete story - it even has a kickstand built right in.

Anker KARAPAX Shield+ Case - Price $11.99.

Another one from Anker, but it's a slight upgrade over the Shield case we have showcased above. It goes a mile further when it comes to protection and definitely looks cool too. And it's pretty easy on the wallet too.

Case-Mate TOUGH MAG Case - Price $32.80.

Slightly minimal when it comes to tough cases, but its thick layering makes it tough in a lot of ways. And it really does look nice thanks to its textured back.

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