Top Ultra Thin Cases for iPhone X – List

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Looking to put a case on your iPhone X without having to deal with the extra bulk? Then check out our list of the best ultra thin cases you can buy for Apple's new smartphone.

Treat Yourself to an Ultra Thin Case for the iPhone X. Feel Protected Without Any Bulk at All.

Nothing beats the feel of a brand new smartphone, out of the box, no case on. But of course, when it comes to the iPhone X, you already know in the back of your head that you've spent $999+ and it needs to be well protected. But the problem is: you hate cases as much as the other person since it kills the overall look and feel of the smartphone. Thankfully, ultra thin cases exist that offer protection from scratches, and they do not add any sort of bulk at all. Basically, it feels like there's no case on the smartphone. They're really that thin. But remember one thing: since these cases are 'thin' therefore they won't protect your phone from a high drop. However, they will save it from everyday scratches and bumps. If you are a looking for some rough and tough protection, then you might want to skip these cases altogether.

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TOZO for iPhone X Case - Price $8.99.

Dubbed as the thinnest case at just 0.35mm, this offering from TOZO wraps gracefully around the iPhone X to keep it safe. It comes in several color options to suit your taste as well.

Buy TOZO for iPhone X Case (Amazon link)

Spigen Thin Fit for iPhone X Case - Price $10.99.

Though not as thin as the TOZO, but this one adds bulk to offer more protection. Basically, this case, albeit thin, will withstand a few drops. And quite frankly, I'm not a fan of the open top and bottom design, but hey, if it's safety you're after, then this one's it.

Buy Spigen Thin Fit for iPhone X Case (Amazon link)

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TORRAS Slim Fit for iPhone X - Price $9.99.

The TORRAS is an extremely minimal case and in many ways like the Spigen. Except that this particular case opts for a stealthy finish that blends really well with the iPhone X's design.

Buy TORRAS Slim Fit for iPhone X (Amazon link)

DUZHI iPhone X Case - Price $10.99.

This case is clear from behind so you can show off your expensive iPhone X while being wrapped around with a bumper that's designed to withstand a few falls. So that's two birds with one stone. Get it?

Buy DUZHI iPhone X Case (Amazon link)

Totallee iPhone X Case - Price $16.99.

Ignoring its high price, this case has a fit so good that people might actually believe that you have a special colored iPhone X straight from Apple itself. Who wouldn't want that, right? And it's available in eight different color options.

Buy Totallee iPhone X Case (Amazon link)

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