List: iPhone X Compatible Car Qi Wireless Chargers


These are all the best iPhone X compatible car Qi wireless chargers. These chargers will work with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well.

Take the Wireless Charging Prowess With You on the Road with these iPhone X Compatible Qi Wireless Charges for the Car.

Wireless charging is not fast, and having the feature in the car might not provide your phone with the juice you'd hope for. But, the convenience of the tech's presence makes things so much easier. Just imagine not having to go to battle with cables on a busy road. Just place your phone inside a holder or a cup and you're charging away. Thankfully, if you are an iPhone 8 or iPhone X user, you too can top up in your car. That's why we've prepared a list of the best iPhone X compatible car Qi wireless chargers which you can buy today.

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Oenbopo Qi Wireless Magnetic Charger - Price $16.99

A simple little wireless charger that keeps the iPhone X in place using magnets. Basically, you don't have to deal with clamps or anything to fire up the charging process. It just works.

Buy Oenbopo Qi Wireless Magnetic Charger (Amazon link)

iOttie Car Wireless Charging Mount - Price $39.95.

Don't trust magnetic holds in a car? Then you can lay your trust completely in iOttie's car wireless charging mount. It ensures a sturdy hold and will charge up your iPhone X at the same time.

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Buy iOttie Car Wireless Charging Mount (Amazon link)

FSLabs Wireless Charger and Vent Mount - Price $24.99.

Placing a charging mount ring ton the dashboard might not be ideal in some cases. A car vent mount seems more tolerable. The FSLabs wireless charger clips straight onto the car vent mount and provides a simple wireless charging solution that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Buy FSLabs Wireless Charger and Vent Mount (Amazon link)

Ameauty Wireless Charger - Price $11.99.

You know what's cool about this charger? It plugs straight into your car's cigarette lighter. There's no cable to worry about at all. Plug it in and you're good to go. But wait, there's more. There are two extra USB ports if someone else wants to charge up using a cable.

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CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Price $12.99.

It looks like a standard Qi wireless mat. But you can use it in your car too. How? The surface you place the phone on has an anti-slip rubber coating ensuring that your phone doesn't slip around while being charged. So yes, it goes straight in your car out of the box.

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